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Motion Graphics Scouting

Sep 17

I really dig the sound of Odesza. Moreover the idea of this music video.

Sep 17

I N  -  T E R  -  N E T  ?

Aoû 18

When sound translates into image and animation, in the simplest way.

Aoû 1

Great music video by Joel Kefali ! Great use of all the pop colours, type and animation combined. Better without the sound though.

via @thoai3000

Juil 22

Manifeste de la beauté féminine,

Parfaitement résumé par Canada

Juil 2

Oh Mother, fine and inspired.

Via @IamKonky


Designed and Directed by Fabrice Le Nezet
Character Animation: Benjamin Mousquet
Sound: Raphael Azel Martinez

mai 21

Beautiful illustrations and animation by Giant Ant, for good intentions at

Via thmsbfft

mai 5

Title sequence and idents for weekly TV culture magazine OP!

Produced by Tolm — via @joshuacatalano

mai 5

Dreaming of elsewhere - “I decided to leave.”

by Daniel Britt —via @joshuacatalano

Avr 23

Really sweet way to explain what really lies behind the work of video/movie editor. All true. And a great motion design to represent it.

Avr 23

New shit from ZEITGUISED.

I guess it’s the result of previous 3D material tests… otherwhise they’re really fucked up in their heads… In a good way.

Jan 17

L’univers terrible et dérangeant de Louis Crevier #3D

Jan 15

I was wondering why they built it up in a real structure instead of making it out in 3D… Until I saw these guys put their head in the triangle! This shit is AWSOME !  Great work from GMUNK as usual.

Jan 14

Animals, round and inflated like balloons.
After a year it still makes me laugh really hard.
#old #repost

Déc 15

That’s what love is about… I guess. :-)